About Us

Peace of Mind Therapy | NYC

While each of us has enjoyed our respective private practices in New York, we felt that something was lacking in our community. We discovered there weren’t many places to collaborate using creative modalities and there were limited options for both clients and clinicians interested in bringing creative art philosophies into mental health practices.

We wanted to bring this contemporary and eclectic line of thinking to those whose vision aligns with our own. While we treat our own patients in confidentiality, we collaborate and have a collective consciousness so that we may better serve our clients. We consult with one another on a daily basis and function as our own agents working cohesively as part of a team.

Our Team

Shira Hon-Lahav

MA, RDT, LCAT, LP | She, Her, Hers

Shira Hon-Lahav holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology from Hunter College, a Master of Arts degree in Drama Therapy from New York University, and a Psychoanalytic degree from the Institute of Expressive Analysis (IEA). She is a Licensed Psychoanalyst, Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, and a Registered Drama Therapist.

She has worked with mentally impaired chemically addicted (MICA) patients at the Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center at Bellevue Hospital. She has also worked in the psychiatric unit at Woodhull Hospital, where she led group counseling and individual therapy. She is fluent in both English and Hebrew and has conducted therapy in several different countries.

Shira has worked in clinical settings for over fifteen years. In that time, she has developed her own private practice (Therapeutic Alliance NYC), ventured into Public Speaking for individuals and corporate clients, (Embodied Minds Public Speaking Consultants, LLC), and recently founded a Group Practice, Peace of Mind PLLC.

Karin Makover-Lahmy

LCAT-LP, MA | She, Her, Hers

Karin has practiced drama therapy for twelve years. While working for Israel’s Kiryat Shlomo Hospital, she developed a creative arts therapy program in three different units. She specializes in individuals with addictions, dual-diagnosis, and mental illness. Karin has also worked with individuals, groups, and couples.

Karin completed her MA at the New York University through the Drama Therapy program, then worked in Kings County Hospital on the PHP unit and in Bellevue Hospital on the acute care unit.

Karin leads growth and development workshops worldwide and thoroughly enjoys her time at Peace of Mind. She speaks both Hebrew and English and can conduct therapy sessions in either language. Her motto is to “Always believe in yourself. A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because her trust is not in the branch but in her own wings.”

Hamutal Posklinsky-Shehory

MA, LP-LCAT | She, Her, Hers

Hamutal earned her psychotherapy education, specializing in Drama Therapy from New York University. Her therapeutic approach guides clients in the exploration of their past experiences and beliefs while working towards their goals and aspirations. Hamutal tailors the therapeutic process uniquely to each client, using traditional talk therapy as well as creative art therapy methods, according to each client’s needs.

Hamutal is experienced in working with all age groups, including children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. In addition, she conducts therapy with individuals, couples, and families. Hamutal has experience working at therapeutic boarding homes for children, social rehabilitating organizations, senior citizens programs, PHP, inpatient, and adolescent psychiatric hospitals at leading institutions such as King’s County Hospital and Interfaith Medical Center.

Using a combination of her creative skills, education, and eclectic methods—such as psychodynamic therapies and attachment-based approaches, Hamutal provides a deep and spontaneous therapeutic process within a warm, understanding, and safe environment.

Matt Flocco

He, Him, His

Matt has an administrative background in the entertainment and education sectors. He has worked for large corporations like Disney as well as small
non-profit arts organizations.

As someone who has benefited greatly from therapy and is committed to wellness daily, Matt is a strong believer in the power of mental health practice, especially for LGBT+ and BIPOC individuals. He currently co-hosts a podcast on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the arts. For more, visit matthewflocco.com.

Patricia Contreras

Patricia utilizes a diverse range of therapeutic approaches including modalities in creative arts therapy. Patricia is pursuing her Masters in drama therapy at New York University. Her therapeutic work alongside her extensive applied theatre experience has prepared her to work in a creative and diverse environment. She is a Latin-American psychotherapist who has experience providing bilingual care in English and Spanish. Patricia has worked at Penn South Program for Seniors as a creative arts therapist and is currently working at the Child Center of New York in Queens where she provides care to families and children in the Early Head Start program.

Patricia has experience working with all age groups including children, adolescents, young adults, and seniors. She has worked with the foster care system in Mendoza, Argentina where she facilitated group therapy sessions with young girls at the homes in Mendoza. Patricia sees clients who are working through life transitions, experiencing anxiety, depression, self- esteem, relationship difficulties, and healing through trauma. Patricia mainly works from a Person-Centered approach and can implement drama therapy and creative components to the therapy session, tailoring the experience to each client depending on their needs and preferences.

Nick Lear

Nick is a drama therapist who is earning his Master of Arts at New York University.  Additionally, Nick holds two bachelor’s degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Virginia Commonwealth University.  From studying all over Europe to grass root organizations in South America, Nick is equipped to work in a multitude of environments.  Nick has an extensive history of working with adolescents in schools, residential treatment facilities, and creative art organizations.  Specializing in work with the LGBTQ+ and couples.  He has worked with clients from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds providing innovative long-term therapy.

Using psychotherapeutic and creative interventions, Nick has been able to foster strong relationships with his clients resulting in therapeutic change.  With his clients help, Nick creates a specialized treatment plan using a wide variety of techniques and interventions.  He specializes in many psychotherapy approaches, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, gestalt therapy, and
existential therapy.  Also, Nick specializes in a Drama Therapy method called Developmental Transformations, which at its core, works with clients to lower their fear of the instabilities of life.  From creative therapy approaches to talk psychotherapy, Nick offers many ways in which to go down your personal therapeutic journey.